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Hypnotherapy: A Realignment for the Mind

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Think about what happens to your car’s wheels if you hit a curb too hard. One of your wheels will become out of alignment. It will still function, but it will pull the car in a certain direction, unless you take it to Beaurepaires to get the wheels realigned.

The same thing happens to our subconscious mind through life experience. There maybe events or moments in your life, often beginning in childhood, that impact very deeply on your subconscious. Your subconscious is there to keep you safe, so it responds by giving you signals when a situation arises that it perceives to be a threat. Those classic signals of flight or fright mode, when your heart starts racing, you might start sweating, or you get a tightness in your chest or stomach. If we are not in-tune to our subconscious, we might interpret these feelings as anxiety, stress or overwhelm. We might respond by withdrawing from or avoiding a situation, or try to ease the feelings with a glass of wine or cigarette, or just try to bury the feelings, but ultimately, the body pays the price through some form of illness.

If we understand what those feelings are trying to tell us, that it is just our subconscious trying to keep us safe, then we can choose to respond very differently. Getting to this point on our own can be difficult when we have our conscious mind feeding our subconscious mind with a lot of chatter that might not be helpful.

And this is where you can think of Strategic Psychotherapy and Hypnosis as being your subconscious mind’s wheel realignment.

During our Strategic Interview, we talk about where your problem state exists, and begin to understand the clients patterns of thinking and how they are contributing to the problem state. We then address the patterns of thinking that are not serving the client through various psychotherapy techniques including Neural Linguistic Programming, that are designed to educate the client about how current patterns of thinking and behaviour may be contributing to their problem state, and bring to their awareness that there maybe a different way of interpreting and responding to these feelings. We then seek to lock in the subconscious realignment with hypnosis.

During hypnosis the client is put into a deeply relaxed state, otherwise known as a trance. The client is still awake and cognisant of everything happening around them, but in this state, their conscious mind takes a break, and the therapist is able to address the subconscious mind. Without the activity of the critical ,analytical and sometimes inhibiting conscious mind, the subconscious can focus on what is being said, and be receptive to the suggestions of the hypnotherapist. The suggestions the hypnotherapist makes will be crafted to address the cognitive distortions that the client is running, as a result of the subconscious mind becoming misaligned and will be specifically designed to interrupt unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours.

When the client comes out of this trance state, generally, they are aware immediately of a shift or an “aha” moment that provides a different perspective on how they have been responding to situations, and a shift in the automatic thoughts and beliefs that until that time, the subconscious has been running.

From this moment, the client will begin to actively respond differently to situations that had been problematic for them in a more neutral way. Different neural pathways will develop that takes the client away from that automatic stress response, and allow them to function more effectively, thinking better, doing better, and being better.

We generally take 5 sessions to address all areas of your subconscious that are out of alignment, then you are set on the right path to go in the direction you choose to.

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