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Why Strategic Psychotherapy?

Strategic Psychotherapy is different because it focuses on how clients are thinking, rather than why the issue exists. It develops the curiosity of a current problem, providing insight and awareness. This understanding makes it easier to identify problem areas so that they can be shifted.

What are the benefits of Strategic Psychotherapy?

The benefits are two-fold. The process is enlightening, uplifting and most of all empowering. Bringing new levels of self-awareness, accountability, and control. There’s a sense of sovereignty and liberation found. Plus, we’re able to help clients recognize that problems are not permanent, and that they’re simply not accessing the most resourceful parts of themselves. Strategic Psychotherapy techniques give us the opportunity to hack unhealthy patterns and re-code the brain to favor support not resistance.


Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes, most of the population can experience hypnosis - 3% being of high influence and 3% being of low influence, with the majority falling in between. It’s only inhibited if the client is actively trying to resist the process. However, we recommend those suffering from dementia or schizophrenia avoid hypnosis.


Is hypnosis safe?

Despite many myths, yes. Hypnosis is safe. In fact, there’s never been a single documented case of harm caused by hypnosis. And it’s reassuring to know that a clinical hypnotherapist will always work within the parameters set and agreed by you.


Is hypnosis the same as meditation or other relaxation techniques?

There are some similarities. These treatments all have an inward focus. However, the objectives and outcomes are different. Meditation helps to calm and remain present, and while hypnosis can also have this effect, in addition it provides insights, new associations, and increased levels of awareness to tap into your unconscious resources.


What does hypnosis feel like?

Your body will feel calm and relaxed, and you’ll be guided in a gentle, respectful voice to address cognitive distortions. This approach helps the conscious, logical, and analytical part of your mind become less active, so we can reach and reform the unconscious habits and patterns beneath.


Does hypnotherapy work online?

Yes! In fact, some people prefer to be online in the comfort of their own home. Provided there’s a good Wi-Fi connection and quality sound, the process is just as effective as being in the clinic.



How does hypnotherapy compare to other types of therapy?

If you’ve tried other types of therapy without success, hypnotherapy may help. Many people seek alternatives to improve emotional and psychological wellbeing, and hypnotherapy is a proven and effective approach. When used in conjunction with Strategic Psychotherapy, the effect is even more powerful.


Why don’t more people have hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis isn’t more widely adopted due to the myths surrounding it. There’s a misguided perception that hypnosis is a form of mind-control. On the contrary, you have complete consciousness and control during hypnotherapy and unlike other treatments, no prescription medicines are needed – a much healthier option for many to achieve real change in the long term.


Are sessions confidential?

Yes, your sessions are entirely confidential.  Only essential notes are recorded during sessions, and they are stored securely. Nothing you disclose will leave the room or be relayed to others, except in the following circumstances:

  • If you are at risk of harming yourself, or you reveal your involvement in a serious crime.

  • If required by law for mandatory reporting.

  • If a referral is required or for the purpose of supervision.


Can I use my health insurance?

This depends on your chosen provider and level of cover. We recommend that you check if you are covered for psychotherapy or hypnotherapy before your treatment.


Can I reschedule or cancel?

Yes, but please provide at least 2 working days’ notice to avoid late cancellation fees. This allows for clients who are on the waiting list to move forward. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. A 50% session fee applies for cancellations made within 48 hours prior to the scheduled session.


What if the treatment doesn’t work for me?

Payment is made at the conclusion of the session.  Should you find that after 20 minutes you are not resonating with the process, we can choose to end the session.

Can I raise a concern or provide feedback?

Yes, your transformation is what drives us. We value and welcome your feedback. Please contact is here <insert link to email>. Minds of Distinction abides by the code of conduct outlined by the International Strategic Psychotherapy Association (

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