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Michelle has a remarkable gift at unravelling blockages that are standing in the way of tapping into our highest potential.  Smart, passionate, articulate and highly skilled,  I experienced a truly enlightened experience after only 1 session.  Michelle is able to make you feel safe, relaxed and supported whilst she effectively identified limiting beliefs, old, repetitive thought patterns that were holding me back from elevating my performance to the next level.

I'm so grateful to Michelle, I feel free and empowered and couldn't recommend Michelle more highly - what a remarkable, powerful professional!




After each session with Michelle I felt inspired, motivated, and eager to return to explore more. 
Michelle's process felt like a lovely conversation between friends, however she has given me a lasting and powerful "shift" 
Her techniques were "eye opening" without feeling intrusive. 
Michelle provided me with practical tools, strategies and exercises to introduce into my daily life, to achieve my goals. 
I loved meeting and working with Michelle and always walked away with a smile 



I was fascinated by this specific technique for many reasons. I am a high level corporate and a mum in her mid 40s. I’ve done enough “working” on myself, have strong practices in mediation, breath work, walking and nutrition and understand the power of controlling my mind and my emotions. However I had a couple of blocks that were stopping me from fully thriving. One being my deep dislike and avoidance of physical exercise and the second being my response to menopause symptoms. I worked with Michelle on both and since I’ve had my sessions I'm ecstatic to share that it has worked! I have exercised almost every day since and it beens months now and my menopause symptoms that I was struggling with have decreased. They are there but I don’t have the same connection or response to them. With my exercise, I don’t even think about it, I just do it and without really paying attention it’s done. It’s fascinating. One of the limited thoughts that Michelle also had to get rid of during our sessions, was that 'this is yet an other thing that wont work'. I’m grateful to Michelle; the way she reframes the narrative, bypassing all the stories and getting to the other side of the brain to re-code it. I’m just so excited for others who have been struggling with habits that simply get in the way, to have access to this technique. Rewiring the brain is the future!


I've worked with Michelle to help manage some social anxiety, particularly around being required to speak in public forums, I couldn't recommend her highly enough. 

I have found the approach to be highly practical and very effective in identifying my behaviours that cause my anxiety, breaking them down and helping me install better ones.

Michelle is knowledgeable, sincere and very easy to deal with. We were able to make significant improvements even within one or two sessions, over the course of 4 sessions we were able significantly alter my approach to social situations and public speaking to become something I actually look forward to. Definitely one of the best investments in myself I could have made.



I’ve had numerous sessions with Michelle. She is a wonderful therapist.  She has been supportive, yet clinical in her approach.  

When I first discovered I was pregnant, it prompted me to seek help to address my generally anxiety, as I had tended to stress a lot unnecessarily.

Through her questioning, she made me aware of my cognitive gaps.  Through the lovely hypnosis sessions, she helped me shift my old patterns.  People around me acknowledge that I’ve been more calm and relaxed since seeing Michelle



Michelle has a firm but gentle approach, very encouraging and always provides you with tools to apply to your everyday life.  We worked together for 5 sessions and it was the perfect launch pad into new concepts and ways of thinking.



Wow! Michelle got to the root cause of my issue almost immediately.  The questions she asked me were straight to the point and had an amazing way of highlighting the areas I needed to work on.  After a few sessions with Michelle, I had so much clarity and felt calmer about the reasons I went to see her.  That clarity enabled me to move past what was blocking my progress. Thank you Michelle 


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